Unified Platform for
Remote Patient Monitoring

We help providers access and act on all remote monitoring data, through a unified platform.


All the health devices in one click

Easily access data from your patients' wearables, remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, and mHealth apps in a single click. Just drop our button into your app, or give your patient our website url and voila!

Set up in 10 minutes


Data, the way you want it

Get the information you need in a single glance. Opt to use our configurable dashboard, or directly integrate our data streams into your existing EHR. We help your work be more efficient.


Turbo-charge care with behavioural science

Engage your patients with our patient dashboard and ML-driven engagement tools, that learn and respond to your patients' holistic health and lifestyle data.

Plans that work for you

Need specific clinical parameters for your use case and EMR integrations for your workflows? Get in touch to find a solution that works for you!

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